Wobbz Display Drum

Nice job for new business doing some promotional graphics for WOBBZ.
A big table drum just for his stand at Kickback Custom Classic Bike Show in April...
It's not cost, or time effective, for a business to devote just to airbrushing a drum, so a spread of images of his previous work and a large logo shows off his talents nicely.
It'll work for storage going to shows, frees up his working time, and he's freed up finishing real jobs for the show, and other customers orders.
Once I laid up the graphics I created a drum blank on my 3D design package that we use for engineering development work.
Then wrapping a jpeg image export around the drum we could demonstrate it more realistically and, after approval, it was off for print and vinyl wrapping...
It comes out great for an old drum to have as a table, and to put your cuppa on while chatting to Wobbz on the day...