Engineering Services & Materials
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Coba Valley Cycles

Cornwall based and online via web, FaceBook and eBay shop.
One man band is Graham and an old school craftman and engineer. Great machined parts, own range of custom Thug frames, machined custom engine casings, light housings, hand formed sheet metal work, and fabricated parts.

Dave's Engine Centre

Based in Studley, Warwickshire and online via Web and FaceBook,If youve got anything from a rebore to a snapped exhaust stud to clean out and re-thread then these guys are great, Very resaonable pricing and got me out of trouble a couple of times. Well worth contacting for re-bores, helicoil repair and any other engine machining work. Mainly a car guy but happy to undertake motorcycle work.

Davies Precision Grinding
Fork Stanchion Re-finishing

Based in Birmingham and online va web.Found these guys in desparation to repair some fork stanchions no longer available. Thinking outside the box as decorative chromers weren't really inspiring confidence I called them as they repair hydraulic cylinder rams. Hard chrome and thick enough to outlive the next 3 generations of your family....and great quality with a price lower than decorative chromers too,