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GAS Project

GAS required a customer visualisation for a design approval, prior to order.
3D derived options for final design were created to help secure an order for a custom motorcycle project...

(See full story here)

CGI & Image Editing

CGI is not cheap, and once an image is produced, if you want to edit the image, CGI companies can be costly for edits down the line. We have edited images up to £200 maximum, with minor (and some major) corrections with great success...

Product Visualisation

Building supplier components in 3D, the customer wanted to see a new design bed frame in action. The image just shows the finished assembly, but manufacturing drawings, 3D motion testing, and in scene assembly was provided...


'Problem Child' was finished in April 2022 and won its class at Kickback National Custom Championship the same year. It has since featured at Prescott Bike Festival and Kickback Behind Bars custom review and now featuring online in 'BikeBound' digital magazine and Cafe Racer USA.

PhotoShop at Work

Having perfected layered colour options for the BMW paint development see a set of timeline photos on the digital editing process...

Photoshop Schemes BMW

See alternative Photoshop colour schemes on our award winning BMW custom build.

Suzuki GS500

'Kiddo' was finished in March 2021 and won its class at Kickback National Custom Championship the same year. It has since featured in Back Street Heroes and Real Classic magazines, various shows and events, and online digital features both in the UK and the US.

Harley Street Bob 40s Style

Mark's pride and joy...His Harley Street Bob bought new in 2019 and sensitively modified as a nod to the old 1940s Harleys...

Laser Engraving

New venture with a laser engraver and vinyl cutter for 2023. Currently supplying slate trophies and more details coming soon...

Technical Authoring & Product Guides

Anything from simple instruction sheets to 400 page product guides with technical content, visualisation, complex (or simple), they are all part of the key skills we are able to provide for print or digital media.

Coccyx Pillion Seat

Create a bit of relief for a medical issue with a novel design. Approached by a customer with a pillion in need of a specific comfort seat due to nedical issues, we were able to create a novel approach to an orginal seat pan based on medical industy solutions.

Yamaha Dragstar 1100

Mark's first custom cruiser conversion. Take a perfectly mint bike and do this...why not?
Two iterations of this bike in silver and then black with very different setups over two years finally being sold to a member of the England Rugby team to fund the Harley purchase in 2019...

Honda Rebel 125

'Lil Green Rebel' was finished in April 2019 and came second in it's class at Kickback National Custom Championship the same year. It has since featured in 100% Biker, various online digital features, and on S3E9 of the Motorbike Show with Henry Cole.

Harris Magnum II

Mark's first ever full project. Featured in Streetfighters Magazine and shown at the Motorcycle Show back in 1996...

Ultima Sport

V8 High performance supercar built in 2000 for the road, and showing then that Mark wasn't scared of cutting up and remodelling even an expensive car prototype, and making it his own...

Broadspeed Jaguar

It's in the blood! As we'll as father, uncles, cousins and other family in engineering.
On his mother's side my Uncle was part of the  Broadspeed XJ12C design team including himself (David Griffiths) and Roger King, along with Andy Rouse, Competition Works Manager.