Bleeding Heart Customs is now the official brand for Cheyenne's creative work
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Bleeding Heart Customs

One comment that keeps popping up is how impressed people are a young girl like Cheyenne is producing custom bikes, riding around on adventures and with Mum & Dad equally involved. She has many friends from all walks of life, but generally seems to be inspiring ladies by her actions in motorcycling and the world beyond...  With an invitation to The Women in Moto Exhibition as an inspirational speaker, and providing a couple of basic custom workshops over that weekend, and an appearance at M&P 'Ride Like a Girl' event run by South Wales Female Bikers  she's hoping to be inspiring many others with her achievements if required at other similar events.
She especially wants anyone suffering with confidence to see her work and achievements, as her key focus to inspire them.Cheyenne hopes this site, and all it's information will do just that. She had her own confidence issues before motorcycling and all this began, so seeing this doing it's part to build confidence, and a 'have a go' attitude for all of you, be it ladies, youngsters, and anyone else, is what she wants for as many of you as she can...even just messaging her for a chat.
As she said on Henry Cole's motorbike show ... You've just got to do it!

Magazine Features

Appearing in a number of articles now, Cheyenne is no stranger to the odd feature or two, and is building another custom creation for the 2024 season (where she'll still only be 22!)Keep an eye out for news and progress in the winter months.
If we can decide what we're doing...

Events Planning & Appearances

2023 is spent away from building, instead choosing to start enjoying getting out and about to various shows and will be reporting on some, but just meeting new folk, enjoying chatting about her journey, and theirs.

They Told Me to Ride Like a Girl - So I Did!

'They told me to ride like a girl - So I did'...This is the motto behind Cheyenne's branding and it's been well received both at Women in Moto and M&P Ride Like a Girl with South Wales Female Bikers...

Beanies too!

Well you've got to keep your head warm...
Prices are
£20 per Tee Shirt
£15 per Beanie
Hoodies coming soon!

Branded Tee shirts and Beanies are available so please contact us with enquiries - Please note current images of these products are digitally created. 

Final product may vary slightly and real photo's will be put up as soon as we have samples.