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  • Here at CKM we provide a multi talented design and development service with a depth of experience and a wide ranging skill base.
    Consulting and working in many fields from motor vehicle production, product designers, furniture manufacturers, to independent magazines and small businesses. We’re here to help with any job, large or small, complex or simple, from private individuals to large corporate accounts.

    Still finding time to design, fabricate and build our own Custom Motorcycles... we can offer many creative services for a wide range of clientele. Anything from motor cars and motorcycles (both production and racing), wind turbines, fluid handling, mobile antenna/data communications, & kitchen manufacturers has all led to a wealth of experience.  Call or email with any enquiries...

    This is not only a business but the story of our journey, but also we wish to help others beginning the custom or creative journey, or any other business, with visualisation, developments, contacts we've found reliable, and any resource of good quality and with a supportive attitude.

    We have since expanded to promote (for free) the artisans and crafts surrounding the bespoke industry we find at various shows.
    And the more you give us in recommendations, the bigger the library grows...
    We're now officially in a position to start offering design and creativity services of our own, based on the skills base we've developed over decades of experience too.

    Mechanical Design, Technical Authoring, Graphic Design, Image Editing and Visualisation and 3D Product Development, for more than thirty years founder, Mark, has put these key skills to use engineering and designing products, developing bespoke production machinery, creating technical guides, eCatalogues, Product Guides, 3D design and property planning, Photoshop editing and custom imagery.

    Ultimately our involvement in design helped in our passion with the build of custom motorcycles with Mark teaching future business partner and daughter Cheyenne, then 15, how to create her dream first custom motorcycle and, as you can see, we've done so much more since... 

    And now Cheyenne's creating her own merchandise and giving inspirational talks...

    Kickback 2021, class winning, Suzuki GS500 custom