Harley Davidson Street Bob 2019

Bought brand new in 2019 it wasn't many weeks before it had to be messed with. An ideal blank canvas and with such a great purchase deal at the time it was what I'd dreamed of since a kid.
Sitting watching 'Easy Rider' with my Dad made me dream and I've always modified stuff.
Custom cars, bikes and many little projects in between so 'Harley' had to look different.
It had a few goes in the first three years, but it was a bit of a job when I could get to it as I was teaching Cheyenne to build and create her projects, also work and everything else.
But in winter (2022) I was on a break, and we had no 2023 bike planned, so it was time to finish it off the way I wanted.
Fenders, heavily modified exhaust (because the supplied product was an awful design not clearly indicated on the website), custom made handlebars, custom made seat, old 7" Lucas lamp, re-locate the indicators, whitewalls (never had them...oooh they're expensive!), paint job from Wobbz to match the tank, ivory hand painted logos, mesh inserts in the airbox to make it look functional and so on...