Custom Builder & Creative Directory

A central hub for our personal recommendations of designers, engineers, and general suppliers who we rate highly.
Most are Midlands-based but feel free to send in any of your own recommendations for a feature! There's no charge to be featured on here...

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Trusted suppliers of services we've found along the custom journey and listed only by reputation.

With our own experience trying find find parts a growing list of resources for your custom build.

Seat trimming mainly but also foam suppliers and any other vinyl or leather suppliers found along the way.

Engineers willing to help with specials, batch parts and fabricators in steel or other materials. And it's always tough to find a reasonably priced lump of metal to hold your headlight or exhaust on.

Links for those simply in need of their pride and joy servicing, custom one off or stock.And training companies that will help you realise your dream.

Bike builders for those who want someone to build the bike of their dreams. Also some of these guys produce custom goodies, services and engineered parts too.

And the whole throng of creative types associated and known in the custom & artistic scene.


Tell us about yourself or recommend someone you use for services, parts or sources of inspiration for others, and we'll add them into the directory