Our experience base stems back over 40 years and includes engineering  mechanical design, fabrication, parts design, and automated machine development, design and production for companies like Ford, Lotus & McLaren.

We have experience in photo manipulation, graphic design, 3D & 2D CAD, project management, new product implementation, e-Publishing/e-Books & technical authoring. Let alone a comprehensive understanding of automation, wiring and bespoke building of product assemblies.

The Team

Mark is an creative design engineer who's travelled the world designing, building and installing special purpose assembly and production machinery for the greater part of his life.
Nowadays he'd settled into a Technical Authors' role with a large kitchen manufacturer, spending the last 14 years using all his previous skills to enhance producing product guides, e-Publishing, CGI programs, graphics and 3D design work, advancing every facet of the role and making some large cost savings during the process.
He has also spent this time teaching and encouraging his daughter and, in latter years, to be creative. Aside from his own published custom motorcycles and performance car builds, Cheyenne is now a 21 year old competent motorcycle customiser, guitarist, artist, and now content creator.
Attending a higher education to A level while doing all of this, she is now undertaking a Forensic Psychology degree!
In the last six years she has produced 3 custom motorcycles, had all 3 win top awards in her class, featured on TV with Henry Cole, been published in three magazines, created and sold a range of bespoke gifts. She is currently working with laser engraving to offer a wider range personalised gifts to support herself as well as this joint venture with Mark.
Meanwhile Karen keeps the whole family together with encouragement, design opinions, advice and support. Not forgetting she has an engineering and quality background, and was a highly respected motorcycle instructor for many years. So, she keeps us on the straight and narrow with the odd raised eyebrow over our 'garage talk', and plenty of tea...

With encouragement from many, custom work has been the one thing that's kept us thinking and really getting creative with solutions. It ultimately led to the decision to expand our work skills into a permanent business. We started building custom bikes in earnest in 2016 after a 10 year break for me from this environment, we found the custom scene more than welcoming and supportive, giving Cheyenne the best introduction to becoming one of the few talented young lady builders in the country. With Mark's engineering design, technical author and production machine design background we developed, built, and expanded our already high level of skills to produce further custom machinery, and yet still continue with full time design and authoring work for myself, and degree work for Cheyenne.