Servicing & Training

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RMT Motorcycle Training

Based in Redditch, Worcestershire and can be found on the web, Facebook and other social media channels. Probably one of the most professional outfits in the country, heavily involved with the DSA level of setting training standards, you will struggle to find better. Yes, there's cheaper, but none more customer driven to ensure you don't just get through but are leaving them the best you can be.
And for those thinking there's nothing left to learn as well as those just starting out...Try their Motorcycle Riders Hub for additonal support.

Arden Motorcycles

Based in Alcester, Warwickshire found on the web and FaceBook.Always been a great source for servicing with trusted reviews and a knowledgable bunch, plus they do quality second hand motorcycles.
Never heard a complaint or cross word spoken about these guys, and another with encyclopedic knowledge of all bikes and servicing reputation to be envied.

Chappers Motorcycle Training

Based in Hereford and can be found on the web, Facebook and other social media channels.

A small family outfit run by Paul & Polly, with good reviews from the local community, and strong links in Hereford. They offer CBT to A licence training and, speaking to Paul personally at an event, he is very approachable, with a strong duty of care and encouragement for all his students, and proud of the quality of his bikes available for all your training needs.