3D Visualisation with Gasoline Ally

We were approached by Gasoline Ally Speedshop to help with a customer visualisation.
Simply an aid in securing an order for one of their one off custom motorcycles.
As everything they do is hand made by craftsmen, and it's bespoke, it is difficult sometimes to plant that vision in the customers minds eye. Creators have the fortunate ability to see designs in their head, long before turning it into a reality.
And it's not everyone who has the financial backing to support a team of 3D designers to create a visual rendering.
When you're a small business watching overheads, so that's where we come in with an efficient, cost effective, service to translate the designers thoughts to the customer in a virtual reality....
With a very brief two line description we we're better equipped to understand the designer's view and, with a bit of collaboration during construction in 3D, supply satisfactory images to support him.